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Indian Air Force Virtual is a Virtual Special Operations Group which is a free non-profit, non-commercial organisation for use with Microsoft's Flight Simulator FS2004(FS9), FSX, X-Plane as well as P3Dv3, v4 and v5.
Our aim it to provide a free environment for military aviation enthusiasts that simulate the operations of Indian Air Force in a virtual environment in the network of IVAO.
This website and group has nothing to do with the real world operations and we are not affiliated with the real Indian Air Force.

The aim of the IAFv is to provide a platform for enthusiastic flight immersers who prefer to mimic military flights, in order to get more pleasure out of their hobby. Since the community consists of members with Indian nationality, the IAFv mirrors itself to the Indian Air Force (IAF). Formation flying is seen as the most important activity. The applicable procedures are followed as much as possible, including with regard to radio communication.


  1. This website uses some logo and aircraft livery, it is the sole property of Indian Air Force which we use for educational and simulation purposes.
  2. This website/sceneries data has been taken from internet which is publically available. No classified documents/information has been used.
  3. For privacy policy refer to rules under about dropdown menu.

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مسیرها 3
مجموع ساعت پروازی: 686:22
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کد کاربریخلبانمبداءمقصدتاریخمدت پرواز
IFC002Tausif Raza  VIDP  VOHS 2022-06-13 02:16
IFC002Tausif Raza  VAPO  VABP 2022-04-24 01:01
IFC002Tausif Raza  VOTV  VAPO 2022-04-24 01:30
IFC002Tausif Raza  VEBD  VEVZ 2022-04-24 03:13
IFC002Tausif Raza  VELP  VEBD 2022-04-23 01:24

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خلبانعضو شده
IFC009-Jordan Robert2022-02-18
IFC003-Prachuryya Baruah2021-12-27
IFC008-Satvik Sinha2021-11-03
IFC002-Tausif Raza2021-10-02
IFC007-Anubhav Labh2021-09-29

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